Do you finish charting at night and on weekends?

Do you hate charting? Like it is the bane of your existence? That you wish that you could see patients and not have to deal with the documentation? Or just have a scribe?

Do you go back and forth between intentionally improving your charting and saying “it is what it is” and just moving forward?

Are you upset about the way it is but not actively doing anything to change your charting?

Run by pediatrician and life coach, Dr. Ryan Stegink, Charting Mastery™ is a 6 week group coaching program designed to help you improve your charting so that you can get home and leave work at work.

You will get weekly content, a group coaching call, and opportunities to interact with other physicians on this journey. Sessions to include…

  • Stories fuel charting in medicine
  • Tools for charting success
  • Building rapport while charting
  • Your inbox awaits
  • Charting your path
  • Mind matters for flourishing

Join the waitlist to be one of the first to hear about when the doors open… the first session will be Wednesday, August 17!

I am limiting this to about 10 founding members, so get signed up for the waitlist today! ⬇️

PS - CME available for reflections after sessions, powered by CMEfy

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